User Experience Lead, Product Designer

​Based in Kyiv 🛫 Travelling the World 👨‍💻 Work Globally

updated: August 14, 2019

Key Expertise


Figma, Sketch, Adobe CC, Notion, Git, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Hotjar,


Human-centered design is my passion. I like to develop conversion-oriented user experiences and digital user interfaces and doing that for almost 12 years. Also i love to build effective design teams and processes. I believe that collaborative friendly work is the only way to make best product. Also I got chance to work with very ambitious startups and small/mid-sized businesses around the world. Project success is my primary goal on every project and design is great business tool to help with that. In spare time im Interesting in tech, marketing, machine Learning, AI, cycling and cooking.

User Interface (UI) Design Apple HIG, WCAG 2.0, Material Design, Design Systems, Design Thinking, Mobile/Web, Native and Custom Apps, Collaborative Design, Version Control, Figma/Sketch/Photoshop, any prototyping software

User Experience (UX) Design User Research, User Testing, Usability Testing, CRO, SEO, Quick Interactive Prototyping (Wireframing), Project (Information) Architecture, Success Tracking

Coding (UI developer) Advanced HTML/CSS/SASS**,** Any CSS Frameworks, A little JS, Any Template Systems, GIT, SVG Animation, UI kit development

Product Management Leadership**,** Project Management, Lean Process, ****User Research, Competitive Research, Roadmap, Marketing, Strategy, Hiring and Build Effective Team

Selected Work History

Oct 2017- Jul 2019

UX Lead @ BYM development LLC, Twin America's Company, New York

Was built design team and processes behind a large american sightseeing provider which was focused on continuous UX improvements for their eCommerces, SaaS, PaaS and mobile apps. I being responsible for a leading design changes for all 10 company projects based on metrics and user research with my team. During my work we effectively pass several huge phases: hired new team members, made design systems for all types of products, systematically running user tests to improve UX and conversion on $50M eCommerces , set up collaborative process with Figma, built large PaaS for sightseeing market (b2b), and dozens of mobile and web interfaces.


Senior UX Consultant @ Offrs , Sarasota, FL

Helping designers and developers make real estate SaaS software for realtors (b2b).

UX Consultant @ Group Mobile , Chandler, AR

Improved Conversion and general UX for a large eCommerce.

UI/UX designer @ Velocity RPA , Santa Monica, CA

Create engaging landing pages for a better lead generation.

Product Designer @ KFG International

Designing web and mobile apps for multiple clients in development agency.

Product Designer @ KFG International, Development Agency


Head of UX @ Multitest, ISPs Marketplace


Working as remote UX/UI designer for different companies around the world